The AA Research and Education Project will issue bulletins on key points to help medical practitioners and those persons who have AA. We consider AA to be an urgent public health issue and ask all receivers of these bulletins to share them with concerned parties.

Assistants to these bulletins are gratefully acknowledged.

Editorial Board

Dr. Beak

A smart old buzzard who received his MD degree from the “Common Sense Medical School”.  He will give medical advice.

Nurse Rosey

A pesky, ever present nurse who wrote her nurse’s thesis on “How to Shape Up Patients for Their Own Good”.  She will give you gentle, compassionate, enouragement.

Happy Spider

How can a spider be happy? Spiders are meticulous about their web and when your web of arachnoid nerves becomes inflamed, he becomes unhappy. He can be happy when you follow the protocols and your web is no longer inflamed and causing you pain.

Dr. Techy

When it comes to anything technical, he know it all!  He is a former lab rat who can tell you what, when, and how to test.

Dr. Hormone

Corticosteroids, OTC supplements, neurosteroids. If it’s a hormone, this guy is tops. While most people count lambs to sleep, he counts adrenals and pituitaries. Most of all, he is writing a best seller “Hormones for Healing”.

Bulletins – 2020

Bulletin 1 – AA is An Urgent Public Health Issue

Bulletin 2 – AA Is An Inflammatory Disease

Bulletin 3 – Drugs That Reduce Inflammation

Bulletin 4 – Physical Measures for Care of AA

Bulletin 5 – Getting Started to Deal with AA

Bulletin 6 – Anabolic Measures for Persons with AA and EDS

Bulletin 7 – Myths About Adhesive Arachnoiditis

Bulletin 8 – AA is Similar to RA

Bulletin 9 – Persons with AA and EDS Need a Stimulant

Bulletin 10 – Naltrexone Maximizing Its Effectiveness

Bulletin 11 – Ketorolac Essential for Most Persons with AA

Bulletin 12 – Fear of Corticosteroids is a Barrier

Bulletin 13 – Clinical Profile of 80 AA Cases

Bulletin 14 – AA is a Tumor or Mass in the Spinal Canal

Bulletin 15 – 3 Component Treatment to Tackle AA – 2021

Bulletin 16 – Intractable Pain Syndrome

Bulletin 17 – Eye, Ear, Nasal Symptoms with AA

Bulletin 18 – AA is the End Stage of Intraspinal Canal Inflammation

Bulletin 19 – Spinal Fluid Seepage

Bulletin 20 – Intraspinal Canal Inflammatory Disorders

Bulletin 21 – Best Drugs Series – Feature: Pregnenolone

Bulletin 22 – Evaluation After Presumptive MRI Diagnosis

Bulletin 23 – Categorization of Severity

Bulletin 24 – Best Doctors to Treat Inflammatory Disorders

Bulletin 25 – Cervical Arachnoiditis

Bulletin 26 – Best Drugs Series – Feature: Ketorolac

Bulletin 27 – Recommended Starting Protocol

Bulletin 28 – Do You Have Neuroinflammation?

Bulletin 29 – Copper-Magnets-Acupuncture: Do They Work?

Bulletin 30 – Corticosteroids Essential for AA

Bulletin 31 – Great Progress with AA

Bulletin 32 – Therapeutic Trial to Detect Intraspinal Canal Inflammation

Bulletin 33 – Association of EDS and Spinal Inflammatory Disorders

Bulletin 34 – Rationale for 3-Component Treatment

Bulletin 35 – Protruding Discs a Cause of AA

Bulletin 36 – Difference Between ARC and AA

Bulletin 37 – Tissue Building Hormones

Bulletin 38 – Non-Prescription Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Bulletin 39 – Build-Your-Program