Adhesive arachnoiditis is an urgent public health problem and persons afflicted with the disease will need some resources. Posted here are some supplies and information that may be needed.

Here is a recommended resource for expert MRI interpretation: 

Andrew Thierry, MD
Diagnostic Radiologist
8900 Wilshire Blvd., #100
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Ph: 310-432-8963

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Products for Living Well with Adhesive Arachnoiditis


Large handheld magnet $15.75 – Item # 10E788

Quadrabloc Magnets- Various magnetic products:

Seat Cushions:

Roho Air Cushions:

Copper/ Magnetic Bracelets:

Copper bracelets: many to choose from on Amazon:

Non-Prescription Medications:

Sovereign Laboratories-Professional Strength Colostrum:

Standard Process Products- Orchex, etc:

Thorne- Adrenal Extract:

Life Extension-Collagen Gummies:


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