The Research & Education Project of the Tennant Foundation can be traced to the discovery that AA has emerged as one of the major, if not the major, cause of severe intractable pain. Our mission is to bring diagnosis and treatment of AA to every community. Structuring the project has initiated a set of specific research and education initiatives which are listed here. Since we believe there is an urgency to disseminate our findings and discoveries, all our knowledge, information, and recommendations will be posted for public use on this website.

Listed here are our specific initiatives:


1. Development of a clinical and demographic profile of persons who suffer from AA.

2. Development of clinical care protocols and guidance by information collected through a network of patients, families, and medical practitioners.

3. Development of interpretive guidelines for the review of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) by primary care practitioners.

4. Development of self-help medical, physical, and nutritional measures for persons with AA.

5. Development of diagnostic screening measures for early detection of AA.


1. Development of bibliographies of scientific references on key subjects related to AA.

2. Development of handbooks for persons with AA and their families.

3. Development of written protocols and procedures on diagnosis and treatment of AA for medical practitioners.

4. Publish regular bulletins and reports on key topics to facilitate, upgrade and spread diagnosis and treatment of AA to every community.